Who is going to get benefited by the no confidence motion?

Exactly after 15 years, ruling party in the central is going to face the no confidence motion in Lok Sabha. Like now, it was BJP led NDA government was ruling India in 2003 when the opposition parties pressed for the no confidence motion. In that time, it was Soniya led Congress which moved the no trust vote while now the erstwhile partner of NDA, TDP has moved it.

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Like in 2003, NDA government has the clear cut majority in Lok Sabha, Opposition parties want to score some brownie points ahead of state elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan later this year and the big parliamentary elections in next summer. While a lot of opposition parties supports the TDP in the no confidence motion, we need to wait to see the stands of ADMK, BJD etc. They may either vote in favor of BJP or may abstain from the proceedings. It is clear that it will be a win- win situation for BJP as they will defeat the no confidence motion and with that people will be assured they have enough numbers and will convey BJP is as strong as ever.

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