Supreme Court awards Rs 50 Lakhs Compensation for Nami Narayanan

Top ISRO Scientist Mr. Nambi Narayanan was arrested in 1994 alleging he along with two Maldivian ladies sold the top secret to foreign countries. Subsequently, case was transferred to CBI and found that there was no truth regarding the information theft and released Nambi Narayanan and others. Subsequently, he filed the case against the police officials for arresting him wrongly. In that case, Kerala High court has said that there is no need to take any action against the police officials. Mr. Nambi Narayanan appealed in Supreme Court against this judgment. In this case, SC formed a team to investigate the involvement and role of Kerala Police high officials in torturing the scientist and also it directed the Kerala Government to provide Rs 50 Lakh Compensation within four weeks to the scientist.

Credit Photo: DNA India
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