Speeding Audi Car kills 6 persons in Coimbatore

6 persons including a college student got killed in the accident that took place in Sundrapauram, Coimbatore. Audi Car which belongs to private college Correspondent was driven by Jagdeesh. When they were returning from Ecchanari after visiting the temple, drivers lose the control near Iyer hospital bus stop and rammed into the persons who were waiting for the bus. 6 persons died in the same spot and 3 more has been admitted in the hospital with serious injuries.

Credit photo: newindianexpress

Those who witnessed the horrible accident in the morning said that driver was in a drunken state and was over speeding when he lose the control.  Mr Saravanan who was the eyewitness to the accident said, the car was coming in high speed and hit 3 persons and dragged them about 15 minutes before it hit another 3 persons and the auto which was standing there before coming to halt. The driver was saved from injuries due to airbag which spared him of any serious injury, but the people who was present there beaten him severely before police could rescue him.

Credit photo: seithipunal

Over speed cars and bikes have become big headache for the Police authorities as people driver without any care and causing injury and problem to others.

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