Sabaraimalai opens today for monthly pooja

Lord Ayyapa’s holy shrine will be opened today evening at 5 Pm for 5 day pooja’s pooja and Darshan for this month. Mean while, Kerala Government has increased the police protection in Nilakal and Pamba fearing protestors won’t allow the female devotees to Sabarimala following SC order. Earlier, Devotees from various Ayyapa seva Sangams and BJP, Shivsena began to start searching for females of the age group 10-50 in the incoming vehicles and stopped them from proceeding further to Sabarimalai. One lady devotee walked up to 200 meter in Pamba before the protestors turned her away. Initially police escorted her before withdrawing half way through.

Credit photo: rediff_com

Kerala is on the boil for last few weeks with protests after protests taking place in all the cities across Kerala and in neighboring state Tamilnadu. Communist Government led by Mr Vijayan is going against the people’s sentiments and facing opposition from all the parties and people. Only those belong to communist party and feminist organizations are welcoming the move and wants to enter in to Sabarimala.

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