Regular revenge story told in different way – Asuravatham Review

When most of the people though at last finally Tamil movies are moving away from regular revenge stories, here comes Sasikumar starrer “Asuravatham”. It’s a normal revenge story where the director tries to keep the suspense about why the hero wants to take revenge on the Villain, but he stretched it too far that when the suspense was revealed, not many were interested in the theater about that. It portrays about how the construction worker (Sasikumar) takes revenge on the Departmental store owner who as like other Tamil villains is friends with local rowdies and corrupt Inspector.

Credit photo: behindwoods

If one like the setting which normally will be in semi urban city of south Tamilnadu in all the Sasikumar films then you can view the film for that. It will be one more normal Tamil film and nothing much to talk about that further.

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