Nidhi Ayog Warns of sever water crisis in India

Nidhi Ayog has prepared a report on water management which was released by Central minister Nitin Gadkari yesterday. In the report, it has reported that India is currently undergoing worst water crisis and it will get further worst going forward. By 2030, required water will be double the amount of water available. Due to this India will lose around 6% domestic growth.



Credit photo: telanganatoday

Currently around 2 lakh people die every year due to unavailability of pure drinking water. As early as 2020, main cities across India will not have the ground water and it will make the situation further worse. According to the report, Gujarat is leading the way in water management followed by Madhyapradesh, Andhra and Karnataka while Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarpradesh and Rajasthan are in the tail end of the list.


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