More questions than answers in Sofia Case

Lois Sofia who was arrested for shouting in the flight day before yesterday was released in bail yesterday. But judges asked few questions which has raised eyebrows on the neutral political observers in the state. Main question is how she managed 16 lawyers to appear for her within a single day and why she was shouting in the flight which was banned by airport authority of India.

Credit photo: indianexpress

She could have faced arrest even if she has shouted against any political party leader in the flight as it is banned by the AAI. Even though court has released her, it has asked Sofia to surrender her passport in the court. It appears she has been writing for the online based magazine “The wire” which was in the news for wrong reasons. Magazine itself is facing the anti defamation Case. She is studying in Canada and returning back to Tuticorin. It is quite interesting to note that she has written anti sterlite articles in “The Wire” and been called as writer now.

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