Ministry of HRD circular regarding school education

It has been found that on average Indian school going student carries the bag that weighs in between 6 KG to 15 Kgs and it is equivalent to 35 % of their body weight. Concerned by this, Ministry of HRD has sent out a circular regarding the school students. Some of the salient points of the circular is that there should be no home work given to the students of 1st and 2nd Standard. Also, only language and mathematics should be taught till 2nd standard.


On top of this in classes from 3 to 5, they should educate only Language, Mathematics and Environment based on NCERT curriculum. Also, they should not ask the students to carry any additional equipment. When it comes to weight of the bag, as per the circular it should not cross 5 KG for the 10th student and not beyond 1 ½ kg for the students up to the classes of 2. Will the states follow this or not is a big question mark. If it is followed it will be radical change in recent times.

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