Kaala-One Of The Peculiar Rajini Movies in Tamil Cinema

Though Kabali movie didn’t work out well for super start Rajinikanth and Ranjith, they worked together again and gave their next movie “Kala”. Did their comback combo fulfill the expectations of audience or not? Come let us have a look over the review of the movie.

Kaala is not like any of the other Rajini’s movies. This movie has gone missing from the big-budget starry presents where it has a strong feel for the underclass as the main focus.  Film starts in Mumbai’s Dharavi, regarded as one of the biggest slums in India.

From the government, demolition drive has been ordered in Dharavi and it highly threatens to wipe out the dhobighat. Karikalan (Rajinikanth) is a single person who has summoned to broker peace and finally the demolition is stopped. Lots of superbly staged fight scenes appears in this film which is a feast for fans but however it won’t be much enjoyed by normal audience because most of the present day audience don’t like one man show in action scenes.

As a Mumbai dalit don, Rajinikanth has done a great job as he always does. Yet another man who almost takes attention from audience in the movie, is none other than magnificent Nana Patekar. With his straggly moustache, starched kurta pyjama, blindingly white and a smile that belongs more on a crocodile, he is extraordinary.

Though it’s a bit difficult for one to think of Kaala as a Rajinikanth film, this movie proves right that he can do a good role in political drama and blast the chennai box office for sure.

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