Historic meeting between Trump and Kim

Long standing fight between the United States and North Korea seems to have ended with the historic meeting between the presidents of two nations in Singapore today. It was one of the most expected and eagerly awaited meeting between two world leaders. It has been a long time since such a meeting took place. In fact, it has happened during the truce happened between Israel and Palestine presidents.

This meeting almost got went into rough weather when there was some misunderstanding between them. But to the credit of the officials on both the side meeting went well and both met today in Singapore to sign the agreement. While the President of the United States termed it as historic and path breaking, Kim, the president of North Korea said it worked hard for the meeting to take place and ensure they will work on denuclearization as committed.

Credit Photo:AFP Photo

Both the presidents signed the agreement about which there are very few details given by both the sides. After the one to one meeting in which translators were there, they both are scheduled to have working lunch as well as another round of meeting with top advisors.

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