Heavy water flowing in major rivers in Tamilnadu

With the heavy inflow into major reservoirs across Tamilnadu, most of the rivers are overflowing and causing worry to the government and people alike. As of Thursdayaround 2 Lakhs cusecs of water has been released from Kabin and KRS dams in Karnataka.  Since the Mettur dam is already full, the same amount of water will be released from there also.

credit photo: tamilnadutourism

In addition to this, Bhavanisagar Dam is also already full and the excess water of around 50,000 cusecs and 33,00- cusecs from Amaravati also has been released. All these will mingle into Cavery in Bhavani causing the river to overflow. Already theSangameswarar temple in Bhavani partially submerged in water.

Credit photo: aaj tv

The water level is touching the bridge across the Bhavani river and situation in Kollidam near Trichy is overflowing. The state government has already issued to the people who are living near the banks of the river and moving them to safe places.  With the rain not relenting any time soon,  we can expect more water to be released and it is going to be waste as most of them will be going into sea unused.

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