France win the world cup for second time beating Croatia

There was no fairytale finish for Croatia in FIFA world cup 2018 as France decimated them 4-2 on Sunday. Croatia enjoyed the initial exchanges but it was France who took the lead in 18th minute when the free kick from Griezmaan headed into their own goal by their semi-final hero Mandzukic.  It is the first own goal in the history of World cup final. But as in their previous matches came roaring back from behind when Perisic smashed the low shot in the net.

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The turning point of the match came when France were awarded the penalty when the ball hit Perisic hand inside the box. For a moment it seemed Croatia might get away with that, but the technology helped France after they protested. With the help of VAR referee awarded Penalty to France which was converted by Griezmann from the spot. Croatian players hit hard by this penalty and were never in the match after that.

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Rest of the match was nearly a canter for France as they scored two more goals through Pogba and teenage sensation Mbappe scored to increase the score to 4-1. Croatia got one back when the French goalkeeper made the mistake. But France defended well enough to win the cup in the end. This was one of the most entertaining world cup and most unexpected teams made it to final as those expected teams went out in the earlier rounds.

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