Endhiran’s Story is Mine: Director Shankar Pushes Reply petition

A novelist Aarur Tamil Nadan alias Amutha Tamil Nadan had approached the police commissioner and lodged a complaint against the director and producer of ‘Enthiran’. Director Shankar should appear directly in this case. The Story of Rajinikanth’s blockbuster Enthiran was lifted from his story. This is against the copyrights act.Story was stolen from his story ‘Jugiba’ published in Iniya Udhayam magazine in 1996 and republished in another magazine ‘Dhik Dhik Dheebika’ in 2007.

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Responding to the cross examination of the defense attorney,the petition should be filed.The court ordered all this to be done by August 8. In this case director Shankar filed a petition in the court.

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He said in that petition:”There is no connection between my story and the narrator that tells the story of Aarur Tamil Nadan.There are many differences  in his story. In this case,i have not filed some important documents yet. I was registered in the South Indian Film Writer’s Association in the stampede of Endhiran’s story.I have registered the story of the film under the patent law. These two documents should be allowed to be filed in court”. The petition may be forwarded to central crime branch for further inquiry.

This petition will be soon come to investigation.

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