Deadly internet challenge “Momo” already claimed its first Victim

After the internet challenge game “blue whale” which claimed several teenage kids and children across the globe, now other challenge has started to spread virally across the world. “Momo” Challenge as it called claimed its first victim, a 12 year old girl in Argentina.  Mode of operation is pretty similar to Blue Whale game. Handlers will be sending down steps of instructions to those who took up the challenge through Whatsapp .  These Whatsapp number has been traced down to Japan and south American nations. Through whatsapp they send gory images. Some of the people are getting the calls in midnight, but they simply hear horrifying noises from the other end.


While some of the countries has already took notice of it and issued warning, cyber security specialists says these are work of hackers and cautioned against taking up the challenge. Parents has to keep an eye of what their kids doing in the mobile and if they found it to be suspicious, they should check the mobile and if needed they can take them to counseling to pull them out of the game.

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