Cuban citizens going to get mobile internet finally

It may sound incredible and some may even be shocked to learn that only now Cuban government is rolling out the mobile data to its citizens. Even now, it is only for the selected few. Journalists in the state-run news outlets are the lucky one to get the mobile data this year. Over the years, the communist party run Cuban government is reluctant to provide wide access to internet fearing it may weaken the monopoly of the state on the media. ETECSA, Cuban telecom monopoly said that they are committed to providing the internet access to its entire 5 million phone customer by the end of the year. But citizens are not ready to trust this news. They have their own Cuba-only messaging application called Todus. Generally, their own intranet access is much cheaper than accessing the internet. Incredible news is they are installing 3G now only while rest of the continent has moved to 4G and 5G is in its final testing phase.  But still, it is very costly to access the internet with Hotspots charging $1 per hour while the average monthly salary is about $30.

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