BJP loses all 5 state elections

BJP lost in all the 5 state elections for which the results declared yesterday. While there was a close contest in Madhyapradesh and Rajasthan, the way they lost in Chattisgarh will be a resounding defeat. But again, in MP and Chattisgarh they are fighting against 15 years of rule with fatigue of seeing same party in post. Rajasthan no body gave them a realistic chance but they did make the fight out of it. Is it GST or Demo or other reasons which caused their downfall ? In overall picture, it is not the demo or GST which caused their defeat but it is the promise of Loan waiver to farmers by Congress president Mr Rahul Gandhi coupled with anti incumbency and the caste factor which paved the way for congress to make a comeback. In Rajasthan, it is the caste factor of jaat and Rajputs which again forced the change in government after 5 years of rule. Historically, rajasthan People used to vote alternatively for Congress and BJP every five years. In short, it si the short term gains which won the vote and long term vision has lost.

But congress also lost 2 states one is Mizoram which was Congress last citadel in the North East. Now, they have been wiped out of north east. Still I feel, GST or Demo is the main reason as cited by most. If it was true, they should have lost other states for which elections held before these 5 states. But this lose will make BJP stronger and make them hard again as they did in UP after the debacle in Bihar. This will win give more ammunition to United oppositions and more importantly will make congress stronger in alliance and seat sharing with many state parties especially in Tamilnadu. Now congress will definitely ask for more seats than DMK willing to give. Some interesting months ahead of us leading to the national elections.

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