Alagiri planning to show off strength on September 5

Alagiri , elder son of M Karunanithi is planning show his strength on September 5 by bringing more than 1 Lakh cadres on the rally planned to be held in Chennai on September 5.  He was expelled from the party when Mr. Karunanithi was active and still not allowed to enter the party after the demise of his father. While Stalin Supporters and others are preparing to make Mr M.K. Stalin as the leader of the party, Mr. Alagiri is trying to show his strength and support he has among the southern district party cadres.

Credit photo: dnaindia

It has to be remembered that DMK fared poorly in the southern districts after Alagiri was expelled from the party. There are strong rumors that he may split the party rather than joining any other party now. Interesting days are ahead as the political area is getting heated up after a lull.

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